The Mental Health Awareness Programme

Experts in mental health aware leadership

As an employer you face an unprecedented demand for meeting the mental health and wellbeing needs of your staff.

These employee needs are becoming more complex and more frequent. This causes an employer to need to take a different approach in the way they support staff to meet their Health and Safety obligations, plus the wellbeing needs of their staff.

However, to do this properly, you need to start at the top.

Where most organisations fail

There is no evidence that the introduction of MHFA training has improved the organisational management of mental health in workplaces.

HSE, 2018

Many organisations, rightly so, focus on putting in universal mental health awareness training and supplement this with mental health first aiders. However, as the Health and Safety Executive acknowledge, on it’s own this is not a strategy for embedding a mental health strategy – you have to nurture the right ethos and culture.

We hear so many organisations failing their staff by taking the approach that they have ticked the box by providing these basic training elements, possibly even providing an adapted mental health awareness course for managers, but not looking deeper at addressing the need. What is the point of managers being trained to have supportive conversations through this training, if staff are scared to be open about their mental wellbeing?

What is different about the Mental Health Awareness Programme

The Mental Health Awareness Programme are experts in mental health ethos and culture. We offer the only qualification available for recognising a leader’s or manager’s commitment to mental health awareness.

The programme is designed to help employers meet their legal and ethical obligations by addressing knowledge, skills and culture through training packages for managers, accompanied by the other levels of training that are more commonplace.

With solutions for the general workforce, middle managers and leaders, all the way up to C-Suite executives, our team are able to tailor a solution for you.

The Programme includes in-person and online training:

  • Mental Health Awareness – online modules suitable for universal roll-out, may be used as online H&S courses, also available as a half-day in-person seminar;
  • Mental Health Aware Leadership – a 3-6 month Programme for senior and middle leaders on mental health friendly-ethos, values and leadership.

Levels of the Mental Health Awareness Programme

The four levels of the Mental Health Awareness Programme

Leading through the pandemic

Whilst there are many online courses and information sheets available on supporting your wellbeing, we are the only provider to have researched the impact of the current pandemic, previous pandemics and other human disasters to produce training courses for managers and staff on wellbeing during the pandemic. The Pandemic Wellbeing Suite is a group of four courses (2 for managers and 2 for staff) on helping wellbeing during the Covid-19 emergency and beyond. See details here.


Organisations who have completed the three levels of training are encouraged to recognise this accomplishment by applying for the Mental Health Tick accreditation.

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