Education Pandemic Wellbeing Suite

Helping educational settings to meet the mental health needs of their pupils and their staff

Suitable for Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the way we educate our pupils, their families, our staff and our own stresses.

There is very little research available on the impact of children, however research on adults from affected regions in China show around 1 in 2 people have been mentally affected, with around 10% of those returning to work experiencing symptoms of PTSD!

This has massive implications for education settings, who have statutory duties to ensure the mental wellbeing of their staff, in addition to meeting the needs of their pupils.

One low price, four pandemic specific mental health courses (plus one extra in case it is useful)

To help you meet your responsibilities we are proud to present the Pandemic Wellbeing Suite, four courses for one fixed price depending on the size of your organisation.

1 – Children and Young People’s Mental Health after the Pandemic

Based on available research from previous pandemics and other human disasters, this three-part course helps staff in Early Years, Primary and Secondary settings to understand what to expect from their pupils and their mental health.


  • What behaviours to expect;
  • Symptoms of PTSD;
  • Symptoms of grief or loss;
  • Behaviours of those with autism or ADHD;
  • Changes in physical activity and sedentary time as a result of the pandemic;
  • Factors affecting the severity of mental health problems;
  • Things you can do to help.

2 – Emerging from the Pandemic – a guide to staff wellbeing in the workplace

A brand new 5-part course, designed to help leaders better support their own and their staff’s needs as everyone recovers from the global impact of the pandemic. Based on existing research and studies from countries who have already emerged from lockdown.

This course is based on the available research, it will not cover everything you encounter, merely make you aware of the things you are likely to encounter.


  • How are people being affected?
  • Planning for reopening
  • Management approaches and stress risk assessment
  • What to expect from staff
  • Supporting employees

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3 – Resilience after Lockdown

A four-part course for all staff on helping them to cope with the unique stresses and strains that we will experience over the next few months and years.


  • Normal mental reactions to the pandemic
  • Recognising your own mental wellbeing journey
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Support networks
  • Your wellbeing activities
  • Knowing when it is too much

By the end of these videos people will:

  • understand how people’s mental health is being affected by the pandemic;
  • recognise factors that may affect someone’s ability to cope with stress;
  • understand strategies that have been shown to help people cope with similar stresses;
  • consider actions they could take to help their resilience.

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4 – Supporting the Mental Health of Staff at Home

Supporting managers and team leaders to meet the needs of home-working or isolating staff.

A 5-video 60-75 minute online course to help people ensure that home working or isolating staff are engaged, included and are not isolated or experiencing stress or deteriorating mental health.


  • Factors affecting the mental health of home-based staff
  • Maintaining work/life balance
  • Supportive leadership for home-based staff
  • Signs of deteriorating mental health
  • Maintaining a remote team

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Complimentary extra – Maintaining your Mental Health whilst Working or Isolating at Home

Helping people to reduce stress and mental health problems for those staff when home working.

Working or isolating at home can be linked to stress, overwork, low-mood, isolation and conflict with family. This complimentary 4-part 60-75 minute course helps people to identify normal mental reactions to home working, symptoms of stress and isolation. The final part helps people to recognise the decisions they can take to aide their wellbeing.


  • Factors affecting your mental health when home working
  • Maintaining work/life balance
  • Monitoring your own mental health
  • Wellbeing tips

Pandemic Wellbeing Suite

We are receiving many reports of the wellbeing of pupils and staff at all levels in organisations being affected by poor mental health, such as anxiety, stress, isolation and fear. Because of this, we have decided to give back to the unsung heroes of the pandemic, the educators, and so are bundling these awareness-level courses together into one bundle.

We hope an unnecessary reminder – these are awareness courses highlighting common issues, as always, it does not constitute a replacement for specialist advice relevant to your setting.

Purchasing this bundle for your setting will give you access to all programmes, which are normally £50 per person per course.

Suite only – Access to the Pandemic Wellbeing Suite courses described above for all staff and volunteers. £149 for up to 50 staff, £299 for larger educational settings (mainstream, academies, free, virtual, alternative, special and independent, per site for chains, trusts and similar).

Prices exclude VAT. *Price only valid with this offer.

To get access or for more information, please contact us on +44 2381 120010 or email