Mental health of home working staff for managers – an online course for managers and team leaders

£3-50 per person (depending on numbers)

A 5-video 60-75 minute online course for managers to help them ensure that home working staff are engaged, productive and are not isolated or experiencing stress or deteriorating mental health.

Whilst the current pandemic is causing many organisations to encourage home-working, this does not come without risk.

The risks associated with home working

A 2013 research paper by ACAS found:

48% of homeworkers report being dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their workload compared to just 20% of partial homeworkers or 22% of office workers.

Home-working can be linked to:

  • stress,
  • family conflict,
  • feelings of isolation,
  • overwork,
  • mental health problems.

The response to the current pandemic means that organisations are often left with little choice, but they should be aware of the risks and training managers to support their staff as they adjust to a new way of working.

Training for managers

Our 5-video course covers the essential things that managers and team leaders should know in order to avoid staff stress, isolation or mental health difficulties:

  • supporting staff boundaries/home-life balance when home-working;
  • supporting productivity when home-working, whilst avoiding stress;
  • signs and symptoms that someone is feeling isolated;
  • signs that someone’s mental health is deteriorating;
  • maintain a team whilst home-working.


  1. Factors affecting the mental health of home working staff
  2. Maintaining work/life balance
  3. Supportive leadership for home-workers
  4. Signs of deteriorating mental health
  5. Maintaining a team whilst home-working

Course sample – recognising stress


This course is either accessed online through this website, or for large organisations can be embedded on your learning portals.

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