Home-learning for managers

Don’t lose out on downtime because of Coronavirus – an opportunity for staff development

Suitable for furloughed employees: “A furloughed employee can take part in volunteer work or training, as long as it does not provide services to or generate revenue for, or on behalf of your organisation.”


Many small and large businesses are being affected by Covid-19 and the social isolation measures being rolled out by the Government. This is forecast to have a massive impact on trade and it is important for us to find ways of maximising the productivity of our staff who are home-working, stay in touch with those furloughed and also prepare for making sure we increase efficiency when the home-working requirements are over.

The role of our managers and team leaders is going to be vital in the engagement and support of our staff as they get used to working from home for indeterminate length of time.

Richard Curtis

Multi-award winning Southampton-based national training providers The Mentoring School and the Mental Health Awareness Programme are offering a suite of online training programmes to help your managers to make sure they are getting the very best from their staff.

Complimentary lifetime support – with all course employees accessing them are able to contact us for information, advice or guidance at any time in the future – we believe that this not only helps your business through the next 12 weeks, but also moving forward as we enter the recovery phase.

eLearning programmes

Mentoring in the Workplace Qualification £700 or free for eligible businesses*

A programme leading to a level 3 qualification in how to support, develop and engage with staff as a mentor to help them overcome barriers that are affecting their performance or productivity. Comes with an additional complimentary module on online mentoring to support engagement of staff during the pandemic.

Mentoring and Coaching Qualification £700 or free for eligible businesses*

A programme leading to a level 3 qualification for managers and supervisors in how to use a coaching and mentoring approach to improve productivity, address workplace performance issues, nurture talent and grow confident. Comes with an additional complimentary module on online mentoring and coaching to support engagement of staff during the pandemic.

Mental health of home working staff for managers £3-50 per person (depending on numbers)

A 5-video course for managers to help them ensure that home working staff are engaged, productive and are not isolated or experiencing deteriorating mental health.

 Mental Health Awareness Course £3-50 per person (depending on numbers)

A 5-module course for all staff on understanding the mental health spectrum, the impact difficulties can have, common low-level mental health problems and ways they can help others’ wellbeing.

Mental Health Aware Leaders £1,100 per person

A 10-module programme to help managers and supervisors reflect on their own leadership styles and the impact they have on the wellbeing of staff. Covers content on ethos, unconscious bias, leadership styles and change management, emotional coping, Health and Safety wellbeing requirements and more!

Mental Health Aware Senior Leaders £2,700 per person

A programme to help organisation leaders and boards reflect on their organisations culture, ethos and provision for the mental health and wellbeing of all staff. Covers content on leadership in mental health, beliefs, values and attitudes, bias and reactions to mental health, reflecting on leadership approaches, statutory expectations, emotional coping, mental health difficulties and workplace wellbeing.

To get access or for more information, please contact Richard Curtis, 02381 120010 or richard.curtis@rootofit.com.

*Funding is provided through the CSW Group from the European Social Fund and to be eligible employees need to complete the learning and portfolio, and courses need to be accessed from the following postcode areas: BH21 – BH31, PO1 – PO41, SO1 – SO53, SP5 – SP6.

Prices exclude VAT.