Reducing the impact of pandemic-related mental health problems in schools and colleges

Specialist pandemic support for schools and colleges

See below for Pandemic Wellbeing Recovery Grant details

There can be no denying the mental toll the pandemic has had and is still having on our pupils, but also our staff. During the pandemic, the team at the Mental Health Awareness Programme have given hundreds of hours of advice and delivered training courses based on how people are being affected by the lockdown, social distancing and social anxiety related to the pandemic.

Recognising a need to help schools and colleges, we have put together a package of online courses to help reduce the mental health impact of the pandemic, be resilient to the stresses and also recover.

Pupil Wellbeing

Designated Mental Health Leader
£700 + VAT

A course to train a member of staff to coordinate mental health provision for pupils. Suitable for HLTAs, teachers and middle leaders. Includes tools for quality assessing resources and auditing provision.

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Pupil Interventions

National Children’s and Young Person’s Mentor Level 3 Qualification
£700 + VAT

A programme delivered to 100s of schools and colleges on assessing, planning and providing interventions for social and emotional difficulties and low-level mental health problems. Includes tools for assessment, planning and record keeping.

Duration: 2-4 months

Staff Wellbeing and Strategy

National Educational Leaders in Mental Health Level 4 Qualification
£1,100 + VAT

A nationally recognised course for Heads, Deputies, Academy Trust staff and those aspiring for headship on mental health culture and ethos for supporting staff (and in turn pupils). Includes tools for risk assessing roles for stress, a whole-setting audit, resource quality assessments and more.

Duration: 3-4 months

All courses are accessed online in pre-recorded 10-20 minute sessions, making them easily accessible bite-sized chunks of learning. Durations of courses are based on previous learners completion time, it will be affected by how much learning is completed each week.

Complete Wellbeing Recovery Training

  1. Make your school or college a safe place for staff and pupils – National Educational Leaders in Mental Health Level 4 Qualification.
  2. Have a member of staff trained to coordinate mental health provision for pupils – Designated Mental Health Leader.
  3. Have a member of staff trained to assess social and emotional difficulties and deliver individual or group interventions – National Children’s and Young Person’s Mentor Programme Level 3 Qualification.
  4. Award-winning support on self-care for all of your staff, plus help them to all know what they can do to help children – Education Pandemic Wellbeing Suite.

The complete set of training costs £2,650 + VAT. See below for details of the grant.


The grant is currently closed

In order to help schools and colleges affected by the pandemic, we have announced the £1,750 Pandemic Wellbeing Recovery Grant for 200 schools and colleges towards the cost of the training. The grant is available for primary and secondary schools, Further Education establishments, plus alternative and specialist provision.

To be eligible settings must be a registered educational setting and provide a case study of the impact after six months.

For an informal discussion, please contact Richard Curtis on

The grant will cover 60% of the full cost of the four training programmes, settings will need still be required to contribute £900 + VAT.

Additional places on any course can be added for an additional £350 + VAT, just include their names on the application form below.

Apply for Grant

Please complete the application form below to apply for your £1,750 grant. Only one application per setting accepted and no cash alternatives offered. For an informal discussion, please contact Richard Curtis on

In exceptional circumstances one course might be substituted for another (for example in the case that the National Educational Leader in Mental Health or Designated Mental Health Leader training has already been completed), please contact us in advance of your application to discuss.