Emerging from the Pandemic – a guide to staff wellbeing

A brand new 5-part course on the market place, designed to help managers and leaders better support their own and their staff’s needs as everyone recovers from the global impact of the pandemic. Based on existing research and studies from countries who have already emerged from lockdown.

This course is based on the available research, it will not cover everything you encounter, merely make you aware of the things you are likely to encounter.


  • How are people being affected?
  • Planning for reopening
  • Management approaches
  • What to expect from staff
  • Supporting employees

By the end of these videos leaders and managers will:

  • understand how people’s mental health is being affected by the pandemic;
  • recognise what wellbeing symptoms staff may experience;
  • understand the HSE management approach to thinking about staff wellbeing;
  • consider leadership approaches to thinking about staff wellbeing;
  • recognise general considerations when planning to reopen workplaces or support staff to return;
  • understand leadership considerations when planning.