The Mental Health Awareness Programme publishes the Pandemic Wellbeing Suite

The Mental Health Awareness Programme publishes the Pandemic Wellbeing Suite; a specific training programme for employers and employees alike, coaching teams and individuals to maintain good mental health during COVID-19.  

As the first and only organisation to offer a specific recognised mental health training course for mental health aware leadership, we aspire to help as many businesses as possible as we continue the journey of tackling mental health. We continue our innovative approach to normalising mental health in the workplace with this current offering. 

During a time of uncertainty and considerable change of day-to-day life, we believe that it is now more important than ever to focus on the mental health of yourself and your team and that there is a high risk of a secondary mental health pandemic. Based on evidence from previous pandemics and the latest research being released from the UK and abroad, our service offers packages equipped on informing for all aspects of pandemic-related mental wellbeing. 

With the limited research which has already been carried out globally, studies have shown that 10.8%i of those returning to work in China could be diagnosed with PTSD and nearly half of all people in a population reported feeling horrified by the pandemic with 46.7% feeling helpless.ii  

While in the UK, early evidence has also shown that 24% of people are feeling lonelyiii and 65% of workplace activists report an increase in members’ mental health concernsiv

The Pandemic Wellbeing Suite has been created to tackle factors affecting mental health while home working, monitoring your own mental health as well as maintaining a work/life balance and proactive wellbeing tips.  

Pandemic Wellbeing Suite offers three different courses, offered as a bundle giving you access to:  

  • Maintaining your Mental Health whilst Home Working 
  • Mental Health of Home Workers for Managers  
  • Emerging from the Pandemic – a guide to staff wellbeing 

The Mental Health Awareness Programme and the Pandemic Wellbeing Suite are both part of The Root Of It, founded by Richard Daniel Curtis back in 2013. Richard is an internationally renowned behaviour expert and mentor passionate about normalising the mental health spectrum.  

With the recent Government announcement about some businesses reopening, the team have already released the Emerging from the Pandemic course to aide business owners and leaders in meeting the wellbeing needs of their employees. The remainder of the Pandemic Wellbeing Suite is available now and we encourage questions and interviews about the scheme, particularly around mental health support, employers and the pandemics psychological effects.  

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