Workplace Pandemic Wellbeing Suite

Staff at all levels in organisations being affected by poor mental health, such as anxiety, stress, isolation and fear . Data from affected countries indicates that about 1 in 2 could be mentally affected in some way and that 10% could experience symptoms of PTSD.

Based on the available research, we have put together this online training suite. This bundle for your organisation will give you access to all programmes for a single price. Each module is a conversational  module covering the key points staff need to know about the topic, confirmed with a knowledge test after each.

Maintaining your Mental Health whilst Home Working or Isolating

Working or isolating at home can be linked to stress, overwork, low-mood, isolation and conflict with family. This 4-part 60-75 minute course helps people to identify symptoms in themselves and recognise the decisions they can make to contribute to their wellbeing.

Supporting the Mental Health of Home-based Staff

A 5-video 60-75 minute online course to help them ensure that home working or isolating staff are engaged and are not isolated or experiencing stress or deteriorating mental health.

Emerging from the Pandemic– supporting mental wellbeing during the recovery from the crisis

A brand new 60 minute 5-part course on the market place, designed to help managers and leaders better support their own and their staff’s needs as everyone recovers from the global impact of the pandemic. Based on existing research and studies from countries who have already emerged from lockdown. Available now.

Resilience after Lockdown

A four-part course for all staff on helping them to recover from the mental impact of the lockdown.

Traders (0-2 staff)


Micro business (3-10 employees)


Small business (11-50)


Medium business (51-250)


Large business (250-1000)


Macro business (1001+ employees)