Mental Health Awareness Training

The basic facts about mental health that everyone should know, this short course covers:

  • what are mental health and wellbeing;
  • the mental health spectrum;
  • factors affecting mental health;
  • common low-level mental health problems;
  • the impact of mental health difficulties;
  • ways to help others’ mental health.

Delivered as an online modular course, or in-person half-day course, this universal training course is designed to give staff an insight into the common mental health conditions they are likely to encounter and some simple do’s and do not’s about approaching this sensitive issue.​

Can be used to compliment implementation of the Mental Health Awareness Programme, or as a stand-alone offer for staff.​

This course is suitable for all staff (and volunteers) in an organisation.

Guide price: £50 + VAT per person (prices from £3 per person)

For bulk access or more information, please contact us on +442381 120010 or