Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a 2-day training course to teach key staff how to provide immediate support for someone going through a mental health crisis.

The programme covers:

  • mental health,
  • factors affecting mental health,
  • signs of mental health issues,
  • providing support in a crisis,
  • signposting to support services.

We are able to provide Mental Health First Aid training for your employees.  In view of the information provided by the HSE, we recommend this is only provided to staff as part of a wider piece of work, to ensure there is an ethos and staff awareness that facilitates embedding of good mental health practice.

Organisations will often only have a few Mental Health First Aiders, depending on their size and structure. We can help you risk assess how many you require.

Pricing depends on numbers of staff accessing the training, please contact us for more details on +442381 120010 or